The best way to de-stress and unwind is to start a new hobby. Hand made signs, hand written letters and invites are the latest trend and part of the slow living movement that is here to stay. In our Tuesday evening workshop, you will begin by learning the foundations of Modern Calligraphy using Brush Pens. This style of calligraphy has more freedom and is less demanding than traditional scripts using dipping pens and ink.

Our program is divided into 6 week courses;

The Basic Course will teach you the foundational strokes, correct posture, breathing drills and minuscules (lower case alphabet). Learning how to join letters together to form words while maintaining consistency.

The Intermediate Course will teach you majuscules (upper case alphabet) numbers and special characters. You will learn layout techniques for quotes and sayings including fun projects.

The Advanced Course will cover stylising, flourishes and bouncing, this is the opportunity to create your own Modern Calligraphy style. Advanced layout techniques will be covered.

The Master Course will teach you how to create and digitalise your own Modern Calligraphy font. Learn how work on different surfaces of chalkboard, mirrors and wood using faux calligraphy.  

It will take these classes and three months of 15 minutes practice a day to produce professional quality work. These classes are ongoing and missed classes can be caught up.

Our purpose built studio is air conditioned for your comfort and we supply a glass of wine.



Tue ongoing
6:30- 8:30pm

Inclusive of all supplies

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Full balance of payment is required by the start of the class.