Connecting through art

“First, study the science of art; then the art of science and realise everything connects to everything else”.    Leonardo Da Vinci

Young Leonardos

The Studio Method

Adult Courses

For absolute beginners to advanced students

Teen & HSC Mentoring

For teenagers aged from 14 years and HSC Students

Student Testimonials

  • “My daughter and I were lucky to find your studio. Claire really looks forward to her weekly class - even after a long day at school. I love how you combine crafty projects with art theory, keeping the class fun and engaging for the kids. I’ll never forget my amazement at one of Clarie’s first drawings with you - a horse - that inspired me with no drawing or painting experience to become one of your students as well”
    Beth Sweeney
  • “I just wanted to thank you so much for all the inspiration and support you have given Holly over the years with her art. Her Upper School Art Scholarship is due largely to your teaching and encouragement and it is a prestigious award for her to have won”
    Annie Morrison
  • Antonija’s art classes changed my life… Her knowledge of all things Fine Art and the beautiful work she produces, combined with a style and personality wonderful for creating and teaching, will ensure her collectors and students a positive experience. I’m happy to say I’m a portrait artist now and it’s all thanks to Antonija.
    Crystal Hogan


Antonija Gros Fine Art Studio is a unique artist studio based in Port Macquarie. Dedicated to connecting kids, teens and adults through art. Our Fine Art Studio is designed and equipped for learning in informal groups ensuring plenty of individual attention and expert teaching.