ANTONIJA GROS Fine Art Studio welcomes everybody.

We always endeavour to provide a safe and happy environment for everyone. Our Studio expects students to respect fellow artists, artwork and property. Discrimination on any grounds will not be tolerated. Students deemed to be exhibiting inappropriate behaviour or disruptive to the learning of other students may be removed from the class in consultation with the student’s parent or guardian.

Please keep our Permission Form updated and current. It is important to advise of any learning disabilities, allergies or any issues that may need to be brought to the teachers attention in advance. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make sure the studio has current information and notified of any changes regarding phone numbers, addresses, email, medical and individuals authorised for pickup.


Full payment is required by the start of each class. Our classes are designed to be flexible with the pressures of modern life, missed classes are not forfeited. However, a minimum attendance is required to cover the cost of materials and must be in consultation. No classes will be held on public holidays